Diana Gordon
Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

Classical Realism is the process of creating an illusion.
The canvas is coloured with a mid-tone, such as grey, yellow ochre or a rich red. Thin glazes of translucent darks are added, one layer a week, to create deep shadows. Areas which come forward are painted with thin opaque white, while reflected light is done in yellow ochre or red. Only when the image has slowly emerged to become a complete tonal 3-D rendering, is colour added.

I love this slow dance of rich oil colours, laid down in thin glazes with soft brushwork. It is a meditative process. Much time is spent observing the caress of light on the subject; how it curves around a girl's cheek, how it bounces brightly off metal, or softens through the folds of cloth.

I have been studying for 4 years with Russian master painter Alex Dzyubko, at the School of Classical Realism, Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts.

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