Theresa Randles
Choreographed by Nature

Artist's Statement

Through the years, as I raised a family and taught visual art at the secondary school level, my own work was restricted to occasional figure studies and honing technical skills. I did not find the energy or focus for personal expression. In retirement, direction and meaning for my own work have come together for me.

I have seen evidence, time and again, of the indomitable spirit of woman - most especially through my involvement in social justice causes. It was this spirit that triggered my work, most especially my sculptures. My focus is not on social commentary but rather on the feminine that is intrinsic in nature.

I was surprised that my work moved into the realm of organic and natural forms, exploring themes of life force and life-cycle. Though there may be actual natural elements in my work, my focus is not on an accurate depiction of nature, but rather on a sense of life, regeneration and all that is feminine. A woman dancing represents her assertion of self. A leaf decaying represents life enriched by the decay. My art is my attempt to speak of the wondrous, the complex, the power that is life.

I have been working both with a variety of sculpture media (clay, driftwood, soapstone, washi), but most especially with encaustic painting, which allows for a wide variety of surface finishes, fascinating colour interactions, luminosity, and sculpting. I often incorporate natural materials such as seeds, bark, leaves, branches or stones, or my own drawings into my paintings.

Proceeds from sales of my work are used to support women, who through grassroots organizations are affecting change in their lives, their communities and their societies.