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Alexander V. Dzybuko: Beyond Classical Realism Ride

Russian born and trained artist Alexander Dzyubko shows amazing realism paintings of his personal journey in art. Alex continues to teach beginner and intermediate courses on Classical Realism at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts.

Diana Gordon: Art Instruction image

Diana is currently teaching Landscape and the Group of Seven at the Dundas Valley School of Art. She also conducts Colour Theory Workshops. She recently exhibited some of her "Floral Cloisonne" series at April's Art Crawl at Christ Church Cathedral.

Theresa Randles: All New Encaustics

Theresa Randles is now showing "Choreographed by Nature", her new and intriguing body of work.

I have been working both with a variety of sculpture media (clay, driftwood, soapstone, washi), but most especially with encaustic painting, which allows for a wide variety of surface finishes, fascinating colour interactions, luminosity, and sculpting. I often incorporate natural materials such as seeds, bark, leaves, branches or stones, or my own drawings into my paintings.

She is well-known for her evocative portraits for the "Faces of Africa" cards, shown here on Art-in-Canada.com; one of many Grandmothers of Steel fund-raising efforts.