Alexander V. Dzyubko
Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement 

To describe Alexander's personal outlook on life, and how art has a huge influence on his everyday life, he states:

Living through contemporary art concepts, interest in existential philosophy, world religions, human psychology, quantum mechanics and astronomy, reflected my view on today’s western civilization and the North American industrial society. A strong spiritual connection to God made me who I am as a human being and as an artist, expressing my view on the times and the world I live in.

In his work he tries to contemplate on nature, be an individual in harmony with the world through meditation and studying nature through painting, to go beyond the boundaries of human perceptions and dimensions, attempting to uncover the mystery of creation, by touching, healing, spiritual energy through the paint brush strokes following the pattern of nature, dissolving himself in harmony with nature and the world.

Through art Alexander communicates his internal and secret dialogue with God, realizing that in the glory of spiritual revelation and in the miracle of life he creates, realizing that he is God's tool through his heart and artistic ability to visually express God's infinite creation.